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描述:ETHELEO ESSENTIAL OILS is a Greek company, located in the the northern part of Greece. Its area of expertise is the the agricultural development of organic plant materials that are used as a base for the solid purpose of extracting essential oils in company’s industrial facilities. ETHELEO brand name initiates from the combination of two words that both carry a Greek origin, the Εthical and Eleo (oil). The combination of both is best describing company’s morality and it’s area of expertise which is essential oils. The target was to design a logotype that will exhibit status, will be easily recognisable among company’s competitors but will also reflect through direct symbolism brand’s unique characteristics such as quality, pureness, organic agriculture and industrial distillation. Initially, all brand’s natural organic material character was symbolised throughout an abstractly rendered form of a lavender blossom, that by recognition gives a direct reference towards brand’s product lin

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