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描述:在这个网络时代,消费景观的表演场已经逐渐由线下的卖场转移到虚拟的网络世界,我们在社交网络上装扮自己的生活,消费新的符号,一切有了互联网的支持,变得更加快速,更加廉价。网购和外卖已经变成我们生活中不可或缺的一部分。移动端的便利设施使得时刻在线成为可能,我们开始依靠网络来构建生活,电子货币的出现使得我们可以轻易的使用数字来兑换商品。源源不断的广告优惠和新产品,刺激着愈加膨胀的消费欲望。In this era of the internet, the performance scene of the consuming landscape has gradually moved from offline stores to the virtual online world. We dress up our lives on social networks, consume new symbols, and everything has become faster and cheaper with the support of the Internet. Online shopping and food delivery have become an integral part of our lives. The convenience of the mobile-phone apps makes it possible to be online at all times. We began to rely on the Internet to build our lives. The appearance of electronic money made it easy for us to use numbers to exchange goods. A steady stream of advertising sales and new products is stimulating an ever-expanding consumer desire.消费主义的观念中,消费的对象不再是商品的使用价值,而是商品的符号象征价值。网络和社交媒体提供的强大表演平台,使得这些符号得以最大限度的展示,构成景观。“I shop therefore I am.”消费和产品构成了新的身份

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