Four seasons for you讲四季给你听
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描述:This is spring, summer, autumn and winter in children's eyes. Tell it to all the angels in the world这是孩子眼里的春夏秋冬,把它讲给世界上所有的天使听

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Four seasons for you讲四季给你听

Boy, sometimes you ask about seasonsI tell you,Warm wind in spring, watermelon in summer, fallen leaves in autumn and flying snow in winter\"I\'ll give you this picture book.\"It\'s not just what I describedThrough this little bookBuild a world of your own孩子,有时候你会问起四季变换我告诉你,春天有暖风,夏天有西瓜​,秋天有落叶,冬天有飞雪“我将这本绘本送给你呀”不仅仅只是我所描述的通过这本小书构筑一个自己的世界

Spring wind and cuckoo look out from the cloudsChildren, sit quietly and don\'t be surprised to see that it\'s also children\'s flowers and plants春风和杜鹃一起,从云朵里探头张望小孩呀,坐下时要静悄悄,不要惊到也是孩子的花草​

Be polite and say hello to the yawning bear, the lazy hedgehog and the simple snail要保持礼貌​,向哈欠的熊,慵懒的刺猬,憨厚的蜗牛问好

Fireflies gently cover the eyes of the stars, and I hold them to hang them on the head of the bed to light up the whole summer萤火虫轻轻地捂着星星的眼睛,我搂住他们,要把它们挂在床头,照亮一整个夏天

Children, it\'s better to cut a plate of big watermelonTo reward every passing cloud小孩呀,不如切一盘好大好大的西瓜来犒劳每一朵路过的游云

Playing hide and seek with Mr. scarecrow in the wheat fieldHide behind him, he can\'t find me跟稻草人先生在麦田玩儿捉迷藏躲在他身后,他就找不到我

Osmanthus, maple leaf, chestnuts, swings and squirrels. I\'m going to spend 10 million autumn桂花枫叶栗子还有秋千与松鼠,我要过一千万个秋天

I dance with ice and snow我与冰雪共舞

See you next year~来年再会~

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