Drews ABCs
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描述:Inspired by our young son and eclectic collection of type, woodblocks and line-engraved images, we set out to create a unique limited edition letterpressed book of ABCs. The book serves as a tool for learning to read using color and layout structure to guide the viewer through visual connections of word and image. The book also exposes the young readers to the richness of diversity within typography, while embracing the imperfections of well-worn letterforms that unveil a bit of typographic and printing history. By drawing out these unique distinctions and differences, the goal is to impress upon the children that "we learn to see as we see to learn." Each page of the alphabet was designed and printed using only the type, woodblocks, and line-engraved images that have been amassed for over the past 20 years by the designers Brenda McManus and Ned Drew.

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Drews ABCs D spread

Drews ABCs E spread

Drews ABCs O spread

Drews ABCs P spread

Drews ABCs H detail

Drews ABCs O detail

Drews ABCs F spread

Drews ABCs G spread

Drews ABCs Q spread

Drews ABCs R spread

Drews ABCs S spread

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