Wsssssstyd / Shame
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描述:Shame is emotion that everybody feels. Some of us less or more but it is still in our lives. Thats why we decided to create publication about it. Wsssssstyd (eng. Shame) was created by six women: Jagoda Tokarczyk/ Magdalena Grodzka/ Marta Gotfryd/ Iwona Stojek/ Anna Wardęga and Emilia Garbień. This book is our group project. Shame is a graphic story designed and written by us. It is a totally original project authors book. We invented the story made the drawings and designed the layout. It is a picture book about shame in everyday life. Our idea was to tame this emotion. Illustrations cover situations that happen to all of us. We wanted to reassure the reader that he is not the only one struggling with little things like that. We also wanted the situations depicted in the book to become symbols of universal problems. The ironical ending of the book suggests that shame will always be present in our lives and it is better to make peace with it, rather than be ashamed of it. Shame is

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Wsssssstyd by Magdalena Grodzka/ Jagoda Tokarczyk/ Marta Gotfryd/ Iwona Stojek/ Anna Wardęga/ Emilia Garbień

And suddenly their eyes opened but they wanted to cover them / I nagle oczy im się otworzyły ale zaraz chcieli je zasłonić

Wstydzili się swojego ciała / They were ashamed of their body

They wanted to disappear / Chcieli zniknąć

They wanted to kill the feeling of shame at all costs / Chcieli zabić poczucie wstydu za wszelką cenę

-Housewife?! / -Kura domowa?!

Myśleli, że nie mają się czego wstydzić / They thought that there was nothing to be ashamed of

- Take one more / - Weźcie sobie jeszcze jedno

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