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客户:Yiwen Yang

描述:As human being pursues the divinity, robots simulate human being in the aspects including birth, religion, aesthetics, and death. I would like to get into these moments with illustrations. I really want to explore the difference between human society and robots in this project. As the result, the picture of robots regarding human being as God might be humorous and absurd.

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This is scenario pf how God creates robots. Being as productive as our assembly line, God has lots of arms to deal with heavy workload. After assembling the body, God transmits soul to it from brain. A robot is born and taken to the society which belongs to robots by baby blimp. It can not be ignored that God also makes mistake. When it fails to transmit soul, defective products will be dealt with.

This is a birth workshop of robots. Robots also needs to reproduce. Making huge efforts to promote the benefit of birth remains the main aspect of their society. The way which produce offspring is very convenient. They transmit own information through connecting data line above their heads and contribute to the combination of information via birthing machines. The combination is unique. The body is going to be shaped with printing techniques. When the combined information is associated with the body, the baby of robots is born. They just need to calm their offspring at the exit of the workshop. It is worth mentioning that they do not need to care about marriage, age, and gender. Before approaching to the birthing machine, they will be blessed. They last but not the least, they have to line up.

Are robots going to die? They never care about the aging of body. They just need to change their body in time. Robots regard the funeral of human being as a joke. They create the immersive recreational activity Experiencing Death. They designed grave, coffin, bouquets, and atmosphere which rainy days bring in the activity. The only difference is that no one dies.

There are always people who refuse to believe in God. However, God may not be angry However, robots who regard human being as God are definitely angry. They burn heretics to pacify wrath of God. The fresco behind which depicts how God leads them to acquire wisdom, productivity, and wealth is created by robots.

Appearance influences the trend of evolution. In the society of robots who believe in human being, they maintain the appearance which is highly similar to that of human being with organ, noise, eyes, skin color, and strong limbs. At the beauty salon, they are able to choose the body which they want quickly and intuitively, obtain customization solutions freely, and experience easy payment method.

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