Lemon Child
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描述:The lemons on the tree are finally ripe, and there is great excitement. Only one of the little lemons is still green. Little Toni has a mind of his own. The view from the lemon tree is enough for him. Who wants to go out into the big wild world? But soon Toni is the only lemon left hanging on the tree. Will he take a risk and jump? When Toni finally lets go, his courage is rewarded. A humorous story about maturity and growing up.

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The lemons on the tree are finally yellow and ripe ad very exitited – except one!

Toni Lemoni – he prefers to stay in the shade and to remain green.

His sibling start to jump of the three one by one.

No long and Toni Lemoni is left over.

The monkey tells the Lemon Child how big and suprising the world is.

The porcupine visits Toni a night and talks about a long winter.

Early next morning Toni decides to jump of mother tree too.

But everything goes terribly wrong.

Luckely a child picks Toni up and talks him home. Toni smiles.

Endpaper – Bestiary of lemon fruits

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