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客户:Giorgos Aerakis, Vasia Athanasiou

描述:Giorgos and Vassia were about to get married and christen both of their children, Angelos and Despina, at the same time. Designing a common invitation for the three ceremonies was a major creative challenge. The fact that the family had already been sharing love and creating strong bond between them for quite some time was my main creational concept. A candle was the key object of the invitation, considering its flame as the flame of love. The precut family figures were to be attached at the notches around the candle and its light was supposed to pass through the heart-shaped windows of each figure. The invitation box also contained an instruction manual for putting the pieces together properly, as well as a red heart-shaped sticker for the guests wishes. The favor was a paper-cut babycube with the first four letters of the Greek alphabet, which also happen to be the name initials of the family members and the gift was a red heart with the family figures, made of plexiglas. Special pap

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