Fit Bread
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描述:Challenge: A product from Kyrgyzstan: a series of dietary breads that do not contain sugar and gluten free. At first, the product was produced practically without design (there was only a sticker on a transparent bag with the name “Golden Ear”). It was invisible in the local market. High quality and competitive price pulled the product to the neighboring markets of Kazakhstan and Russia. There the lack of targeted audience and clear branding of the packaging did not gain any interest. It was necessary to give a proper name, change the type of packaging to a closed one (ease of transportation and safety), change the size of the breads, its total weight and provide a modern noticeable design. Research: When researching the product and its capabilities it turned out that bread with the inscription “Fitness” sold better. It slightly reveals the essence of the usefulness of the product (compared to classic bread) and targets the specific audience. The new brand name was created - a dynamic

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