Entelechia® | Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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客户:Paschalas Olive Oil

描述:The Paschalas Olive Oil company specialises in the cultivation of olive trees and the creation of products related to olives.Inspiration for the symbol of the company logo was “the comb”, a tool used in the harvesting of the olives, indicating the personal care that exists from the first moment of this olive oil’s production.This symbol, however, has a double meaning semantically, as it resembles a crown. It thus symbolizes the exceptional quality of the olive oil, as a result of the entire production process, from picking to consumption.The gold color of the logo refers to the color of the olive oil.Entelechia: a word created by Aristotle that expresses the transition from flower to fruit until it reaches its completion, that is, becoming this extra virgin olive oil from the area of Gomati, in Halkidiki, Greece.

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