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客户:Eron Tong Jia

描述:I am a freelance artist. Thank you.

标签: illustration  art  pencil drawing 
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我曾经被庞大如牢的纷繁情绪所包裹,它们是我周身黑暗地当中的躁动生灵,我一直想要处理自己与它们之间的关系,希望自己的所思所做不陷落入一种“即兴”,遂此次我决定直面这些情绪,尝试尽量用直白赤裸的方式去将它们逐一呈现。另一方面来说,我深知很多人都了解伊卡洛斯的故事,便想以此为一个契机,希望以我的视角下所观到的伊卡同他者心目中的伊卡的印象,产生一种感性的冲突和摩擦,以此达到一种无需言语但一定留下了一些痕迹的交流。I have once been wrapped up in a vast array of emotions, the restless spirits in the darkness around me. I have always wanted to handle my relationship with them, hoping that what I think and do will not fall into a kind of “improvisation”. Hence, this time, I have decided to face these emotions and present them one by one in a straightforward and naked way. Also, I am deeply aware that quite a few people know the story of Icarus, so I want to take this opportunity to produce a kind of sensible conflicts and frictions between the Icarus from my perspective and that in the eyes of others, thereby leaving some traces of exchanges without verbal communication.

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