Mico Sport - Protection for Performance
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描述:The decision to redesign and reorganise commercial strategies represents a significant change, often intended as taking a distance from the past. This decision for rebranding coincided with our company’s 50th Anniversary in 2020, an occasion on which to reaffirm the identity of one of the leading brands in Italian technical sports. In short, a series of circumstances telling a success story, of a Made in Italy which started in 1970 with the production of technical sports socks, up to today with research, development, innovation and technology at the service of performance. In this rebranding process, lasting altogether more than two years, focus was on two objectives: acquisition of a technical/sportive style of greater impact and strengthening the force and meaning of the M in the logo.The agency started by transforming the lunette over the M in the old logo, expanding it to become, symbolically, a protective shield. This distinctive element was the initial step in the rebranding and

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