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描述:International Paper decided to spin off its shrinking paper business to create the worlds largest pure play paper production business, presenting a five-month window of opportunity to create a striking, engaging brand befitting the worlds paper company. We saw an opportunity to help combat negative perceptions of the paper industry as wasteful and polluting by telling the positive story that paper can still be used for good. We could help NewCo present paper as an essential and enduring material, produced by a company committed to a renewable future, benefiting people and planet through every step of the value chain. Our task was to create the brand that could most effectively tell this story.

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Sylvamo logo animation

Sylvamo logo

Zoom call looking at different sketches for the icon

Proofs of the Sylvamo icon at minimum size

Tagline in multiple languages

Sylvamo social posts

Sylvamo business cards

Website with hero photo and tagline

Sylvamo brand principles


Freight truck

Water tower

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