Identity for Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum/Peggy Notebaert自然博物馆品牌标识设计
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客户:Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

描述:Chicago has an explosion of urban growth ground away the natural landscape and local flora and fauna, making it easy for residents to lose their connection to nature. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has Judy Istock Butterfly Haven, live native animals, nature-inspired art, toddler-friendly play spaces; more hands-on science instruction than other museums in Chicago.Goal: To create an authentic positive relationship between people and nature through collaborations, education, research and collections, exhibitions, and public forums to grow the urban connection to the world of nature and science.Keywords: Butterfly, natural, organic, gentle

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Final version of the logo and the pattern

Typography and color palette for the identity.

Variations in colors.

Variations in scales.

Logo animation story board.

Stationery: business card, envelope, letterhead.

stationery applications

Posters for recurring events at the museum

Main poster for the museum and for the winter camp.

Street banners.

The museum website.

The museum website.

Conclusion of the project.

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