The Flower of Evil
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描述:People living in society have to disguise themselves and become another person. They may wake up at a specific moment and find themselves lost and start looking for themselves. Sometimes this process will turn around, but it is often just a loop.

标签: pencildrawing  exploratory  living  human  graphicnovel 

To go through a dead forest, the cylinder hides, she may think it is safe, especially in the dark.

I ran over the grass. Luckily to catch the train in the distance.

The split part of the stake forms the outline of the house, I stand quietly there. Then, one foot suddenly pops out from inside of me and escapes.

The world inside looks terrific and strange, praying not to get lost.

I know she will find the answer. She will go but don\'t know where will be.

A factory looks like cargo on the conveyor belt, sending somewhere else.

Suffocating silence in the air, if it were not for those hands and feet. The identity of the living is almost forgotten.

Forget to fall, death, forget how a mountain gell. How to flow out, disperse, run into the woods, then disguise as a tree.

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