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客户:Shroom Forest

描述:Shroom Forest是艺术家Ziyuan于2021年在纽约成立的香薰蜡烛工作室,全线产品由Ziyuan设计开发并手工制作完成,品牌旗下产品皆为艺术家的手作蘑菇造型蜡烛,Shroom Forest追求气味、工艺与视觉艺术的融合。 我们基于Shroom Forest“将迷幻时尚融入到自然造型”的产品理念,为Shroom Forest设计了一套像是迷幻市场的品牌形象。 Shroom Forest is a scented candle studio founded by artist Ziyuan in New York in 2021. Ziyuan has designed and developed her full product line, all the products being hand-made mushroom-like candles by artists. Shroom Forest pursues the harmony of scent, craft, and visual art. Based on the product concept of “"Integrating psychedelic fashion into natural styling," of Shroom Forest, we have designed the brand identity for Shroom Forest that resembles a psychedelic market.

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