Ice cream pillow packaging
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描述:The packaging of the ice cream shaped pillow, from a female perspective, breaks through the previous packaging ideas of conventional bedding pillows, with an innovative visual design, using the normal design of ice cream bar packaging to cleverly design the packaging of pillows into a giant ice cream bar. The outer bag material is made of tin foil, sealed and waterproof, which is convenient for express delivery, also can avoid excessive packaging; tear open the simple packaging just like those for food, take out the ice cream shaped pillow and the manual from the bag. The manual is a ice cream shaped paper card, the size is same as the pillow, the front and back design combined with the shape of the ice cream shows the description content in the form of illustration design. The front of the manual uses the "microbeads" particle suspension and flow characteristics as the creative point of the design , and the astronaut and the planet are used to show the sense of space of the material;

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packaging design display

Packing bag and instruction manual

Ice cream pillow

Using simulation

The sense of substitution uses simulation

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