NYGDESIGN 品牌形象升级 NYGDESIGN Brand Design Upgrade
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客户:牛油果设计 NYGDESIGN

描述:牛油果设计-NYGDESIGN是扎根深圳的新锐创意体,品牌坚持BE FRESH用好奇心打造新鲜设计,为 新消费、游戏科技、新餐饮等领域的客户在品牌传达、空间体验、文创周边三大场景中输出优质设计和新鲜创意。致力于让更多的创意种子在大湾区萌芽,助长深圳乃至大湾区的文化绿洲。

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NYGDESIGN 牛油果设计是扎根深圳的新锐创意集合体,也是大湾区新锐原创设计力量。自2016年成立至今,正如我们的标语 — “BE FRESH”,NYGDESIGN 坚持用好奇心打造新鲜设计。在成立五年之际,我们为 NYGDESIGN 升级了焕然一新的品牌形象系统,重新定义 NYGDESIGN 式的 “FRESH”。我们相信,作为一个以“FRESH”为内核的团队,品牌升级不应单纯地为了改变而改变,而是需要为团队打造一套拥抱变化、鼓励惊喜的视觉系统和工具。希望这次 NYGDESIGN 的品牌升级在更清晰地表达团队的核心价值之余,也激发团队继续为大湾区打造更多新鲜设计。

NYGDESIGN is a fresh creative complex based in Shenzhen, also is a rising creative force ofThe Greater Bay Area. From 2016 till now, as our slogan \"BE Fresh\" , NYGDESIGN insists to using curiosity to create fresh designs. On our fifth anniversary, we have upgraded a brand new image system of NYGDESIGN and redefined NYGDesign-style of \"FRESH\".We believe that, as a team taking FRESH as the core, the brand design upgrading should not be only about numb changing, but about creating sets of visual systems and tools for the group that can embrace change and encourage to make more surprise.We hope that this upgrade will not only further express the core values of the team clearly, but also inspire us to continue to create more fresh designs for the Greater Bay Area.

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