CHEER TEA/吉茶说果汁茶系列
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描述:CHEER TEA吉茶说尝试用一种新鲜的方式进入夏日饮料货架,他们决定用茶底 果汁的形式给顾客带来一种特殊的味觉体验,与果味茶饮品、纯果汁饮品等以一种元素为主打的饮料产生区别。 因此我们为他们设计了一套鲜明的图型语言,用以凸显果汁与茶的混合感。以水果落入茶饮中为主要表达意象,并且在水果造型上使用了统一感强的造型语言,使用切线来表达圆形。整个系列包含两种口味,茉莉油柑和蜜桃芭乐。 CHEER TEA said that they tried to enter the summer beverage shelf in a fresh way. They decided to bring a special taste experience to customers in the form of tea base juice, which is the same as fruit-flavored tea drinks and pure juice drinks. This element makes a difference in the drink that is the mainstay. So we designed a clear graphic language for them to highlight the blend of juice and tea. The main imagery is the fruit falling into the tea, and the fruit shape has a strong sense of unity in the shape language, using tangent to express the circle. The whole series contains two flavors, Jasmine Oil Orange and Peach Guava.

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