Sleeping with my allergy
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描述:Weston is an illustrator originally from China and now lives in the united states. Weston has a BFA in Communication Design from Tongji University and currently pursuing his MFA degree in SVA, NYC. Weston’s visual practices focus on communicating stories and emotions.The goal of his arts is to build an immediate and direct emotional connect with his audience. Influenced by surrealism art, fashion styling and pop culture, he love drawing realistic figures with vivid colors and meticulous details that penetrate through the theme. Weston has been recognized by international awards such as World illustration award and Ijungle illustration award. His works have been exhibited in Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai), Poly Cultural Plaza (Shenzhen) and Hopson One Mall (Shanghai).


This piece is based on my experience with allergic rhinitis. I always had difficulty falling asleep when I got an allergy and used tons of tissue because of my stuffy nose. I felt all viruses and allergens were landing on my bed and sleeping with me.

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