Gato Negro Wine
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描述:Gato Negro is a wine brand founded in Chile for the world, they stand out from the competition for maintaining the Latin American essence from its production process to the distribution chain, thus maintaining a strong and constant brand identity. To take the brand to the next level, it was necessary to make a limited edition of Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon bringing a specific country from the Latin American region as the protagonist. The campaign opened with Colombia as the protagonist to be the standard bearer of the World of Flavor campaign, that is why the famous wine brand teamed up with the Colombian award-winning illustrator Jhonny Núñez to create a sustainable, unique, appetizing label loaded with Colombian essence.The label was printed directly on the recycled glass bottles, using an artisan pad printing technique, the inks were extracted from common pigments of the Colombian fauna and an illustrated allegory was created that tells a story of culture, art, flavor, and a small

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