Ricardo Marinho
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描述:Ricardo Marino Victoria is 26 years old and was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. He began his musical studies at age 8 and insisted on pursuing a career, studying Bachelor of Music and majoring in Art Pedagogy later. In addition to presenting himself as a solo pianist, Ricardo Marino accompanies artists mainly linked to the Christian/Catholic music, is also an arranger and since 2006 became a piano teacher and also teaches at private schools, public projects and study groups. This project was intense! We studied the career, personality and the image that Ricardo himself would like to build at his audience. To draw its symbol, we rely on visual references that remetessem at the mission that the musician chose to his career - "Discover and hone talents." Made a relation of "improve" with "lapidary" and we form a diamond with a grand piano rotated diagonally, which providentially also resembled a heart - representing the feeling, and that is one of main aspects w

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